After close to decade of waiting, numerous delays, an in-depth application process, and various other trials and tribulations the College of Psychotherapists was proclaimed on – of all days – April 1st 2015, and I have been accepted as a fully licensed Registered Psychotherapist.

This was a special day for me – one I will remember as a moment of great satisfaction in my career. I was sitting at my desk, at the big window in my lovely new office, drenched in spring sunshine and looking out at the city I call home. It was a simple click of the curser to a page that said “Congratulations!” and told me that my application had been accepted.

I felt relief, excitement, and a deep sense of pride. Pride in the work that I do, proud to be a member of this immensely meaningful and rewarding profession, proud to be considered a peer to the other wonderful clinicians I know, and proud that my many years of education, training, and experience were being recognized.

Every member of the College of Psychotherapists has met extensive requirements in the areas of education and training, supervision, professional development, ethics, and direct clinical experience.

Psychotherapists who are highly trained, skilled clinicians but are not Psychologists or Social Workers have been unable to distinguish themselves through a registration process until now, because no College has existed to regulate Psychotherapy. That is why the proclamation of the College is such an important step in the profession, one that ultimately exists to protect and empower our clients.

The College of Psychotherapists explains that, “Regulatory colleges are mandated to regulate professionals in the public interest. In addition to establishing rigorous registration criteria, the College will regulate practitioners by establishing and maintaining standards of practice, promoting continued competence and quality improvement, and ensuring professional accountability”. This means that any therapists who is Registered with the College and who is practicing with a license number has met these rigorous criteria and is accountable to this regulatory body to maintain a high standard of professionalism in all areas of their practice.

I look forward to continuing my private practice with the letters RP (Registered Psychotherapist) after my name and with a continued commitment to providing my clients with the high quality of service, accountability, professionalism and care that the College has and will continue to demand.